Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year Happenings!

I cannot believe I have not posted since early December!  Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!  Just wanted to share with you some of the things that have happened in our life since last posting.  I got all of my kids home for Christmas!  Picked up my oldest from the airport on the Monday before Christmas, with all the bad weather we had a small issue getting to her.  The night we headed down to Portland to get her the Gorge was covered in ice so we got a motel room in The Dalles and waited until morning to get her.  Thanks to my sister in law she was able to have someone there to pick her up and it worked out great because she got to spend the evening visiting with one of her cousins that she doesn't see often!  Here is a pic of the road on our way down!

Cecilia and John enjoying the motel room in The Dalles!

Next morning the gorge was clear and we were able to make it down to get her.  We spent a day shopping in Portland and headed back home on thankfully decent roads!
Christmas was nice with everyone home and I only got one picture!  And Rita and Donald are not in it!  We were doing ugly sweaters and not everyone participated!
This is at my moms house on Christmas Eve!  Aren't we a bunch!
Unfortunately Kylie had to head back to Australia earlier than planned so we only had her for 10 days but better than not at all!
New Years found us at home, I know we are boring!  But we did make it to ring in the New Year and my youngest had friends over and who knows what time they went to bed!
Since the beginning of the year and all of this horribly freezing weather my house has been a haven for frozen calves to come in and get warm!

I woke up one morning and Ughhh my house smelled like a barn! The last picture is of a little one that is currently in the house.  I actually got about 5 days without any when the weather cleared up a little but unfortunately this guy needed some fluids.  See my nursing degree did come in handy.  What do you think of my makeshift IV pole?  Whatever works right!
Here are some pics of the snow we have had this month!  I don't remember when the last time we had so much snow and for such a long period of time!

Tried to take my dogs for a walk but there was way too much snow! 

Isn't it beautiful!
If you look close you can see a bunch of cows!

Sledding fun!  They were using garbage sacks to slide down the hill!  The sacks work the best when the hill gets all packed and icy!
So thats pretty much been our January except some Basketball games thrown in there when the weather has permitted!
Hope everyone is having a great year so far!

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