Friday, December 9, 2016

DIY Owl Rice bags

This is the first time I have shared a pattern so bear with me.  I am hoping you can understand and use my pattern!  I made these rice bags for everyone on my list last year, including my husband.  They are especially nice for kids when it is cold outside, just heat them up in the microwave for about one minute, add an essential oil of choice, I like lavender to help them sleep.  And they can take them to bed with them, helps them to stay warm and cozy.  The heat is also good for growing pains or any other discomfort they may have!

 Here he is all done!

First I lay it all out to see how I want it to look.

 Then I put the wings and belly on with a zigzag stitch.

I then add the beak.
 And the eyes.

Next the pupils.

 And here he is with all of the applique done!

 Then he gets stitched up with a quarter inch seam, clipped and turned right side out.

Here is the back.

 This is the body, cut two of these out of cotton or flannel.  I make the fronts out of pretty cotton prints and the backs out of flannel so they are nice and soft!

Here are the parts.  The eyes and beak are cut out of felt. The tummy and wings I cut out of cotton.

You are going to cut the patterns out and add your tummy, wings, eyes and beak before you sew the front and back together.  I pin the body parts onto the fronts and applique them by machine.  Then you sew the front to the back right sides together and leave the bottom open for adding the rice.  Clip seams if desired, if I am sewing for a small child I sew around it twice to reinforce the seams, turn right side out and use a funnel to add your rice.  I like mine floppy so I add just enough rice to give them some shape, about 3 cups.  You could also add some dried lavender to give it some scent.  When you have the desired amount of rice, use a needle and thread to sew the bottom shut or take it to your sewing machine and use a zigzag stitch to close it up.  And there you have it a quick and easy gift!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas! My favorite time of year! My fave Young Living recipes!

Oh How I love Christmas time!

      Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  I love the magic of Christmas and getting together with family.  One of my favorite traditions is going to where my family is from and attending Midnight Mass, it always seems so magical being out that late in the cold December air with the stars twinkling in the sky.  I can just picture Mary and Joseph in the stable with the newborn Jesus laying in the manger!  What a beautiful sight it must have been for all that came to see!

     And our drive home after with the kids all sleeping in the back seat and just knowing that Santa is up there somewhere in the sky with his sleigh full of toys!  I find myself looking up into the sky to see if I can also get a glimpse! 

     And oh the preparations!  I love to make things for my family and friends, whether it be sewn or painted, cookies or candy!  The kids and I always look forward to getting together and making treats for everyone on our list!  And this year will be even more special as it will probably be the last time in a while that we all gather together since I have one getting married this year.  Plus I will be so very happy when my oldest gets here from Australia! I so cannot wait to see her!

      In honor of my favorite time of year I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things I am making with Young Living Essential Oils!  I am planning some gift baskets using the items I will be sharing with you today!  Hope you enjoy them!

 I made these last year for my kids and my sisters!  They would be great paired with a sample of Lavender oil!

 I put this in a little fancy jar I got from Hobby Lobby.  You could make up a nice gift basket and add a sleep mask, either a store bought or a homemade one, they are so easy to make!  And maybe add some nice cozy slippers or a good book!

 The bath salts I just added to a glass ornament with a tag and a ribbon!  A great last minute gift!

 How about a spa in a basket, you could use this and the facial toner and some of the whipped facial cream!  

 And like I said above this would go great with the lip balm and facial toner!

 A great gift for a child, add a scrubby to your jar and voila!

 I love this hand soap, I made myself one for each bathroom and my kitchen!  Add a chalkboard label to make it pretty, you could even give it with a bathroom set!  Perfect gift for anyone on your list!

 This is so nice, I have given many samples of this to others and everyone loves it!  I have also used other oils like lavender in it!  And as I said above it would go great with the toner and lip balm!

 And I have to add my favorite roller blends, nice stocking stuffer!

You could add this to a basket with a couple of dish towels, put it in one of the fancy little oil dispenser bottles!

I hope you liked all of my ideas, I love that they are all made out of natural products that I don't have to worry about the chemicals harming anyone!  All of the ingredients that I mentioned in my recipes besides the essential oils can be found on Amazon along with the roller balls.  My favorite place to get glass containers is Hobby Lobby.  They have some really pretty little containers!  And don't forget the only oils I use are those from Young Living, if you choose to use others I cannot guarantee the same results!  Hope you have a very blessed Holiday season!