Saturday, November 5, 2016

DIY Entrance Table with pallet wood

Finally got another project marked off my list!  And I am so excited about it!  I have been trying to decide how I wanted to build my entrance table for a few months and finally decided I just needed to get it done and quit over thinking it!  Not only that but my daughter Mary gave me the sign above it for my birthday and I purchased the clock at Goodwill and I needed somewhere to put them so it was time to quit putting it off.   I made the top of the table out of pallet wood and the legs were purchased at a yard sale.  I placed an old window on it for decor, just hope no one knocks it down.  Now I can decorate the top to fit the seasons!  I also want to do more with the wall. What do you think?  I will put up pictures when I decorate for the holidays.

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